Riverstone Magnet


Carved Riverstone Magnet

Shaped by nature, then hand carved and engraved to create these beautiful river stone magnets.
No two pieces are ever the same, they make wonderfully unique gifts. A perfect daily reminder for your personal inspiration. 

  • Symbols: Sun, Tristar, Lotus, Love or Ohm
  • Carved river stone
  • 4cm approx

Sun Spiral

The sun gives light energy that brings about life, without the sun life on earth could not exist.
Symbolises Life, power, renewal, leadership, the self, masculine energy, guidance, dignity, strength, force and clarity.


Also known as Triskeles, the Triskele, Spiral of Life or Triple Spiral.
Symbolises Movement, motion, natural rhythms and cycles, feminine energy, balance.


An ancient mantra and mystic syllable, also know as Om or Ahm. Ohm is said to be the sound of all creation and the sound of silence. It is the beginning, middle and the end, containing all the power of the universe.
Symbolises Sacred, silence, oneness, totality, creation, evolution, sustaining, manifestation, perpetuation, sacred trinity, divine expression, indestructible word (truth).


Don’t let the word love define your LOVE, this most powerful of human emotions.
Symbolises LOVE, love for yourself, love for those around you and love for the world in which you live.


A symbol that dates back 145.5 million years, especially sacred to the Buddist and Hindu faiths. The lotus flower grows from the murky waters of the pond each morning to emerge clean and pure.
Symbolises Beauty, purity, grace, clarity, spiritual awakening, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, rebirth, patience, self-awareness, enlightenment and eternity.


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