O2-Ion Wash Ball

Wash your clothes without detergent!

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O2-Ion Wash Ball

O2-Ion Wash consists of 100% Natural Components

Wash your clothes without detergent! The O2-ion Wash Ball uses antibiotic technology to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals in your washing load, resulting in a safer and more environmentally friendly process.

  • Antibacterial
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Chlorine Neutraliser
  • Detergent & Chemical Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Eliminate the need to use fabric softener
  • Suitable for all washing machines
  • Approx 10cm diameter
  • Includes instructional leaflet


  • Because the O2-ion Wash does not contain any detergent, there is no chemical detergent residue left in the cloth and fibres to cause skin irritation in those with intolerances or sensitive skin.
  • It protects from oxidation and fabric fading caused by chlorine in the town water supplies.
  • With these combination functions, it is not necessary to add bleaching agent, fabric softener and other washing additives.
  • Anti-static to prevent laundry from tangling or twisting.

How to Use

  1. For more than 5kg of laundry TWO O2-ion Wash Balls should be used.
  2. Leave the O2-ion Wash Ball in the washing water more than 1 hour causes cleaning effectiveness to increase. In the case of frequent laundry, put the O2-ion Wash Ball into the washing machine in advance to reduces times.
  3. For extremely dirty clothes use only 20% of the recommended standard amount.
  4. It is recommended to wash white and coloured clothes separately.
  5. After laundry, dry the O2-ion Wash Ball.
  6. Sundry on a regular weekly basis preserve long-lasting performance.
  7. Shake under running water to clean.

O2-ion Wash Ball Patented Technology

Water - the ultimate way to clean. To improve the performance of good old H2O, humans have been adding natural extracts and in modern times, synthetics. Additives aid to break down the water molecule - softening the water, allowing it to penetrate deeper into fabrics and capture smaller particles of dirt, grime, grease and so on.

The O2 Wash Ball uses a patented blend of minerals, magnets and ceramics to do the very same job of activating the water - reducing the need for toxic detergents and softeners, saving money, saving water and saving the planet! Benefits of Using the O2-ion Wash Ball:

  • Swiss designed with worldwide patents.
  • Beware of cheap imitations.
  • No chemicals released into the environment via wastewater.
  • Great for those with sensitive skin or current skin conditions.
  • No detergent residue in fabrics or the washing machine.
  • Shorter wash cycles as rinsing is no longer required.
  • Reduced wear on fabrics from detergents.
  • Household costs reduced.




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