100% Pure Essential Oil - Lavender 30ml


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100% Pure Essential Oil - Lavender 30ml
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Lavender essential oil has been known for its antiseptic, anti-microbial and analgesic properties.
When inhaled through vaporised air lavender also acts as a sedative and relaxant, helping to reduce feelings of stress.


Analgesic, anticoagulant, anticonvulsive, antidepressant, antifungal, antihistamine, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antimutagenic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, antitumor, cardiotonic, regenerative, and sedative.

Possible Uses:

Acne, allergies, burns (cell renewal), cramps (leg), dandruff, diaper rash, flatulence, hair loss, herpes, indigestion, insomnia, lowering blood pressure, lymphatic system drainage, menopausal conditions, mouth abscess, nausea, phlebitis, premenstrual conditions, scarring (minimizes), stretch marks, tachycardia, thrush, water retention.
It may help anxiety, arthritis, asthma, body systems balance, boils, bronchitis, bruises, carbuncles, cold sores, convulsions, depression, earaches, fainting, gallstones, hay fever, relieve headaches, heart irregularities, reduce high blood pressure, hives (urticaria), hysteria, insect bites and bee stings, infection, influenza, injuries, repel insects, laryngitis, mental clarity, migraine headaches, mouth abscess, reduce mucus, nervous tension, pineal gland (activates), respiratory function, rheumatism, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, rashes), sprains, stress, sunburns (including lips), sunstroke, tension, throat infections, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, whooping cough, and wounds.

Cautions: While Lavender Oil is widely known to be a safe and well tolerated essential oil (has a GRAS status) the oil can be oxidised and the bi-products of that oxidation process can be irritating. Therefore it is best to avoid lavender in products containing peroxides. It is also best to incorporate antioxidants and pack so as to avoid speeding up oxidation. This is true for many essential oils and Lavender is generally safe and unlikely to cause irritation.

Luvin Life Massage & Essential Oils

Are manufactured to globally recognised ISO processing standards, which guarantees strict quality control and assurance process guidelines are in place.


The information provided is for educational purposes only. Individuals referencing this information must exercise their independent judgment and/or consult a specialist in determining its appropriateness for a particular purpose or use. We do not recommend this oil as a replacement for traditional medicine.


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Pure Essential Oil - Lavender

By: on 4 September 2017
I love the scent and not only do I find it relaxing, but so do my cats!! I burn it every night and we all get a good night's sleep.

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