Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holders

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Himalayan Salt Tealight - Curved and Polished Himalayan Salt Tealight - Curved and Polished
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Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holders 

Himalayan Salt Tealight candle holders make a beautiful addition to your decor. Great for relaxing in the bath, meditation, feng shui or massage room.

  • Includes tealight
  • 10cm high approx
  • 100% pure Himalayan salt

Enhance your decor and wellbeing with hand crafted Himalayan crystal salt from Luvin Life

Himalayan Salt is Nature's very own air purifier! Simply warm up Himalayan Salt around the home and office and instantly feel the difference.

Through attracting and evaporating moisture in the air, warmed Himalayan Salt produces and releases negatively charged ions into the atmosphere, instantly negating the harmful effects of the positively charged ions (generated by electrical equipment) saturating our living/working spaces.

Luvin Life Himalayan Crystal Salt 

  • All natural crystal salt sourced from underground salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayas.
  • All these beautiful and individually unique pieces are hand crafted.
  • Heat from the candle assists in the emission of negative ions.
  • Heat-created negative ions bond with pollutants (positive ions) and neutralise them - removing them from the air.
  • Negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electrical devices (TV's, mobile phones, lighting, wireless networks).
  • Relief from asthma, allergies and other complaints are commonly reported to us from our happy clients.
  • These products not only cleanse the air naturally, but are an extremely beautiful addition to any home or office.


Important - No two salt lamps or natural salt products will ever be alike. They contain natural veins, cracks and striations. The colours of the salt crystals will range from light orange to dark red. We cannot guarantee your salt lamp(s) will look like any picture depicted in our promotional material, as no two crystal salt lamps will ever be the same. Weight and size will vary within product styles and we only give approximations based on averages. Due to these variances, we cannot guarantee shape, size or colour but we do guarantee our entire salt lamp/salt product collection will be one of a kind


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