New in store is this range of beautifully finished Buddha statues, made from composite concrete. Available in a variety of finishes, they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Buddha statues have become a very popular addition to our homes and gardens, and come in many different designs and colours.

People buy Buddha statues for a variety of reasons. They might wish to create a special area for peace and meditation, or improve the Feng Shui of their home. It could quite simply be that they love the statue.

Interestingly, no statues of Buddha were made for about five centuries, possibly because it was forbidden.

The Buddha statues we buy today differ according to their country of origin. Some are depicted as jolly, others appear to be praying. Sometimes only the Buddha head is represented.

Statues are not only a depiction of the physical Buddha, but also are a symbol of Buddhist teachings, including inner peace, protection and meditation.

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Choosing and Placing Your Buddha Statue

Choosing and Placing Your Buddha Statue

Buddha statues can be placed around your home, garden and work environment to bring peace, health and abundance - but there are some simple rules to follow.

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