Why You Should Always Have Epsom Salts in Your Cupboard

Why You Should Always Have Epsom Salts in Your Cupboard

I bet if you think back to your grandmother or great-grandmother’s kitchen cupboards you’d remember seeing a bag of Epsom Salts in there. Everyone used it for, well, just about everything, from cleaning to soothing tired muscles.

It went out of fashion for a while but thankfully it’s now back and an increasing number of people are recognising it’s many uses and benefits.

Epsom Salts were ‘discovered’ in the English town of Epsom in the early 17th century. Occurring quite naturally in an underground spring, locals noticed that it quickly healed the wounds of animals that waded through the water.

Rich in Magnesium

As word spread people started travelling to Epsom to experience the benefits of this magic water themselves, particularly for treating gout and arthritis. It wasn’t long before people were also drinking the water to boost their health.

Fast forward a few centuries and Epsom Salts treatments and products are found throughout the world and used to treat many health conditions, including pain and stress relief, skin conditions, muscle cramps, heart health, digestive issues and more.

The secret is the rich magnesium that Epsom salts contain. It’s not uncommon to be lacking in this essential mineral and using Epsom salts is a great way of topping up our levels. However, there are many more uses for this amazing salt and some may surprise you.

Salt Bath

This one is quite well known. Adding a cup of Epsom Salts to a warm bath and soaking for 20-30 minutes offers many health benefits. It will soothe sore muscles and joints, help you detox and deliver a much-needed dose of magnesium to your body. Be sure to only use Pharmaceutical Grade Epson Salts and drink plenty of fresh water afterwards.

Foot Scrub

This follows the same principles as your salt bath. Simply mix up a cup of Epsom Salts with a good quality carrier oil to form a scrub. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil if you wish. Gently massage the mixture into your tired tootsies, concentrating on any areas of hard dry skin. Rinse in warm water and dry.

In the Garden

Epsom Salts can work wonders for your vegetable garden, especially tomato plants. Simply sprinkle a tablespoon of the salts around the base of the established plant once or twice a year. This method also works well for roses.

For Cleaning

Looking for a safe chemical-free cleaning product? Epsom salts! Mix up equal amounts of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid and Epsom salts, scrub and rinse well.

Itchy Skin Relief

Here’s a great natural remedy for insect bites and sunburn. Dissolve a tablespoon of Epsom salts in a cup of warm water and allow to cool. Add a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spritz as needed.