Why Is Himalayan Salt Better Than Regular Salt?

Why Is Himalayan Salt Better Than Regular Salt?

Do you mean apart from the gorgeous pink colour? It could be because Himalayan Pink Salt is considered to be one of the purest salts on the planet.

It comes from crystallized sea salt beds high in the Himalayas, protected for millions of years by snow, ice, and even lava.

But how can it be good for us when we're constantly being told to reduce our salt intake? The answer is in the age, the purity, and the sodium chloride levels of Himalayan salt.

Salt is an essential component of human and animal life. Due to the sodium and ions salt possesses, the body uses it to carry out many essential functions. For example, it helps maintain fluid in our blood cells, and relay information to our nerves and muscles.

Without salt, the body's delicate balance of essential minerals and nutrients would be disrupted, and that's when problems start. No surprise that the Ancients knew this way back when! In China around 6000 years ago, people would boil spring water to extract the salt.

Salt was such a valuable commodity to  the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Egyptians, that it was used as currency. It even started wars! Like the San Elizario Salt War in 1877.

But we're not talking table salt here! That's something completely different. Conventional table salt has all 'impurities' removed for starters - and that includes the essential minerals our bodies need. It is highly refined, and has chemicals added to stop the salt clumping. Chemicals like aluminium hydroxide, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Did you know that rock salt is extracted using dynamite? And dynamite contains nitro-glycerine! Healthy? Not!

Whereas table salt is 99% sodium chloride, Himalayan Pink Salt is just 85%, with the rest made up of over 80 different minerals. That's a much healthier balance, and will help your body balance its PH levels, absorb nutrients, regulate water content and electrolytes, and remove toxins.

As with most things, the proof is in the eating! Anyone who suffers from muscle cramping, for example, will notice an immediate improvement after switching to Himalayan Pink Salt. This is because the salt helps relax muscles, and balances your nervous system.

It will also help strengthen your bones, boost circulation, and could help lower your blood pressure. It's even said to ward off the signs of ageing and support you libido!

Of course, Himalayan Pink Salt is still a salt so, while better for your health, it should still be used in moderation.

This amazing substance isn't just for sprinkling on your food! It is also used for therapeutic mineral bath salts, natural deodorant bars, salt pipes, and Himalayan Salt Lamps.  

Salt lamps not only look stunning in your home, but offer amazing health benefits, such as cleaning the air and neutralising electromagnetic radiation or EM. For allergy and asthma sufferers, Himalayan Salt Lamps are a must.

Who would have thought that something so ancient, and so natural, would play such an important role in modern living?