What does your Home & Garden say about you?

What does your Home & Garden say about you?

Does your home and garden reflect who you are?

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. Truer words have never been spoken. Is there anything more sigh-worthy and satisfying than coming home to your own personal sanctuary at the end of a long day and being surrounded by the things that make you happy? Ensconced in an environment that not only provides the necessity of shelter, but ultimately feeds your soul?


Home and Garden Popularity

Undoubtedly, it is this feeling that is fueling the increasingly popular home and garden programming on television. In fact, there are entire networks dedicated to this very topic. More and more people are jumping on the DIY bandwagon, planting container gardens, renovating old houses, even old barns. They are building mini-chicken coops in their backyards and rediscovering heirloom seeds and plants. Why? Because home is where the heart is. Home is a resting place away from the busy world. Our home and the things we put in and around it tell our story. 


Home and Garden Reduces Stress

Not only is creating a beautiful home and garden a rewarding experience, it is also a proven stress-reliever. Studies show that gardening, in particular, aids in reducing stress and lowers cortisol, the “stress hormone.” In a world where we spend the majority of our time indoors or in our automobiles, simply being outside and enjoying the sunlight reduces tension and alleviates stress.  Add creating a beautiful space, planting flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables, to that mix and it is easy to see why gardening is good for you.


Home and Garden Art

So what tells your story? Perhaps it’s an inspiring piece of wall art, a perfect painting, or even an affirmation that serves as a daily reminder of your own personal purpose or goals.  It could be the sound of a set of bamboo wind chimes swinging delightfully in the breeze, making Mother Nature’s natural music, or the happy bubble of a water fountain in your garden.  Maybe it’s a meaningful statue hand carved from a piece of wood, a brass statue of Buddha as a tribute to faith, or a quartz crystal singing bowl. It could be a zen garden, a finely crafted dream catcher, even the burning fragrance of your favorite incense. 


Regardless of whatever brings you joy, energizes or renews you, nothing tells your story more eloquently or aptly than your home and the space around it. What does home and garden say about you? Whatever it may be, you're sure to find products that express your feelings