Top Tips for Sleep When It's Hot and Humid

Top Tips for Sleep When It's Hot and Humid

If you're having trouble sleeping at the moment don't worry, you're not alone. As the summer temperatures soar and humidity increases, many of us are struggling to get a good night's rest.

Even with fans or the air-conditioning going, it can be hard. And that's because your body's natural rhythm is out of whack.

When darkness falls and the temperature drops our bodies know it's time to sleep. The longer days and steaming hot nights confuse our natural sleep cycle causing insomnia. Add to that feeling overheated, sweaty and frustrated, because you can't sleep, and it's a recipe for disaster.

Here are some simple tips to help you fall asleep easier at night....

Darken Your Room

It's practically impossible to fall asleep when your bedroom is flooded with light. Not to mention the fact that you'll be up with the sun in the morning. If this is the case it may be time for some new curtains or blinds.

Block out curtains and blinds are a great idea, especially if you live in the Sunshine State. Not only will they block out unwanted light, but they will also help keep the room cool.

Cool It

When it's really hot ceiling and pedestal fans have a hard time keeping up. You could use air-conditioning but that can be expensive and not everybody likes it. The best idea is to try and keep your bedroom cool during the day so that it's comfortable at night.

Block the daytime sun with curtains or blinds and open windows that allow cross-breezes. Alternatively, keep your fan on low all day. For DIY air-conditioning try placing a bowl of ice water in front of the fan at night.

Love the Lavender

Summer is definitely the time to buy pure lavender oil in bulk! It has so many uses, including helping you fall asleep. Lavender is one of several essential oils that can help promote sleep. Others include Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Marjoram.

Lavender oil is probably the best, because of its ability to also reduce stress and anxiety and relieve pain. Numerous studies have been done on the subject and it really does work. You could sprinkle a few drops on your pillow or use a diffuser next to your bed.

One of the best methods is to rub two or three drops of lavender oil in your palms and then deeply inhale the aroma. This draws the lavender into your amygdala gland to calm the mind and encourages deep sleep.

Bye Bye Bugs

The added bonus of using lavender oil is that it's a brilliant bug repellent and will keep the midges and mosquitoes at bay while you sleep. If you do get bitten, rubbing a drop of lavender oil on the affected area will stop the itching and help it heal.

Bedtime Bath

We all know a hot bath can be very soothing and encourage sleep but that's probably not what you want on a hot night. However, you can get the same effect with a tepid bath if you add the secret ingredients!

Once again lavender oil is a winner! Add a few drops to the bath water and relax, as the beautiful aroma goes to work. Alternatively, add a cup or two of magnesium flakes to the water. You may need to dissolve them in hot water and then top up with the cold tap to reach a comfortable temperature.

A magnesium bath will not only boost your body's supply of this essential mineral, but it will also help you sleep by relaxing your muscles.

Try these simple tips for yourself and enjoy a better night's sleep during the hot summer months.