The Magical Powers of Orgonite in the Home and Garden

The Magical Powers of Orgonite in the Home and Garden

Orgonite was in the news this week in the UK, described as a magical rock that can help you grow giant vegetables. Yep, you read that right, if you want king-sized cucumbers or over-sized onions, orgonite is the way to go.

Investigative journalist Mark Bennett is joining forces with a raw food café to see if this is true. In previous experiments, vegetable plots containing orgonite have been shown to grow bigger and more vegetables, so Mark is expecting a positive result.

Orgonite is formed from a mix of resin, metals and quartz and comes in many shapes and sizes, the most popular being the Orgonite Pyramid. It is believed to balance and harmonise bio-energy, also referred to as chi, prana or orgone.

Cleaning Negative Energy

Today’s orgonite creations have their roots in the work of Austrian psychiatrist, Dr Wilhelm Reich. He discovered that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy whilst non-organic metals both attract and repel it. By combining these principles pieces of orgonite are used to ‘scrub’ or clean stagnant and negative energy.

Placing orgonite around your home offers many benefits, including decreased EMF, improved sleep, increased energy and a more balanced environment. Those who live in homes containing orgonite appear to experience less sickness, anxiety and aggression.

To put it in context, have you noticed how good you feel when you stand on a mountaintop, by a waterfall or in a lush green forest? That’s due to the excess of positive orgone energy in those locations. On the other hand, you’ve probably experienced stagnant energy by walking under power lines or overusing a microwave. You’re likely to have developed a headache or felt groggy as if you were getting a cold.

Relief for Asthma and Allergies

Placing orgonite in the home has been shown to reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies, migraines and menopause. It has also been used in trials involving cancer patients and is believed to help wounds heal faster.

But what about those giant vegetables? It seems both plants and animals feel and respond to the positive energy of orgonite faster than humans. A sickly plant placed close to a piece of orgonite will start to recover almost immediately. In fact, research shows the speed of growth of healthy plants is almost doubled. It’s likely this is connected to photosynthesis.

If you have pets, you’ll probably notice that they’re drawn towards the orgonite. Some dog owners believe hanging a piece of orgonite on the collar can soothe nervous pets. Interestingly, many beekeepers use orgonite around the beehive and report a higher honey yield with fewer bees dying.

So, whether you want to calm your pets, grow monster plants or simply create a peaceful healthy home environment, it could be time to buy some orgonite.