The Lowdown on Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

The Lowdown on Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

From helping us to meditate to curing migraines and treating anxiety and stress, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls seem to be growing more popular by the day. Is it just the latest trend or do these beautiful bowls really have something to offer?

Well, for starters they're not a new trend; crystal singing bowls have been around decades. What's different, however, is that quartz crystal seems to be replacing the more traditional Tibetan singing bowls.

Tibetan singing bowls have long been used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Popular throughout Asia, they are an important part of many Buddhist traditions and are often made of metal.

Power Healing Qualities

As the name suggests, quartz crystal singing bowls are made from silica sand - that is pure quartz. Despite being one of the most common crystals in the world, they are known for their very powerful healing qualities. So it makes sense to use quartz for singing bowls.

In ancient Egypt, healers travelled door to door with these bowls to help the sick and infirm. The bowls were always tuned to F#, known as the 'high heart', the heart of all beings that connects us to God. Located in the thymus gland, it forms the centre of our immune system.

Clearing the Chakras

This form of sound therapy is believed to clear and balance the seven major chakras and is often used in ancient practices such as yoga. Thanks to the crystal the sound is exceptionally pure and is thought to penetrate deeper than the traditional Tibetan bowl.

Now here's the really cool thing; when you buy crystal singing bowls they will tune in to your unique energy. Once personalised, you can use the bowls for yoga and meditation, clearing the energy in your home, balancing your chakras, healing and to 'clean' other crystals.

Using Your Bowl

  • Find a quiet space and relax
  • Place your bowl on the rubber ring provided, on a level surface
  • If using a smaller bowl, hold it gently in your hand
  • Take the striker, holding it like a pencil by the wooden end
  • Gently tap the outside rim of the bowls with the striker and then start running it around the rim
  • If the sound you make is grating you need to apply a little more pressure
  • It takes practice to get it perfect but you'll know when you do

Once perfected, you can create your very own vibrational sound therapy; you'll be amazed by the results. The reason why it works is that everything in the world, including our bodies, is made up of vibrations. The bowls are tuned to the vibrational frequencies found in our bodies and studies have shown that they have a direct effect on our nervous system, muscles, digestive system, mental processes and circulation.

Research is currently being done into using quartz crystal singing bowls to help those with cancer. It is believed that the vibrations directly affect cancer cells and cause them to transform.

As far as serious illnesses like cancer go, it is still early days when we consider the use of sound therapy. However, one thing's for sure, this is no fad; crystal singing bowls appear to offer genuine benefits to their owners.