Fight the Festive Season with a Home Detox

Fight the Festive Season with a Home Detox

Feeling a bit sluggish? Blaming it on a busy year? Think again - it could be a sign that you're carrying too many toxins. With the season of overindulgence upon us, it might be wise to plan a quick DIY detox.

You may well follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly but that doesn't make you immune to toxins. They're all around us. We're surrounded by airborne pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and other nasties.

Although you can't see them these toxins are stored in cells and tissues throughout our bodies, including our brains. The more they build up the more prone we become to suffering the consequences. Toxins negatively affect our immune system, metabolism, energy levels and moods.

Throw in the wrong foods and excessive alcohol during the festival season and you're going to feel pretty rough come the New Year.

Our bodies actually have a built-in detox system but, with more and more pollutants in the world, it can't always cope with the overload. Give the body a helping hand now and you'll really feel the benefits.

If you're really short of time there's a quick and easy solution you can do at home: Detox Foot Patches. As anyone who regularly enjoys alternative therapies knows, our feet play an important part in ancient medicine. Referred to as our second heart in Chinese medicine, footwork such as reflexology can benefit the whole body.

Herbal foot patches are convenient to use and effectively draw out toxins and acidity through the soles of our feet. They can also be used on sore muscles.

Whilst Detox Foot Patches will give you a quick fix there is another treatment you can carry out in the privacy of your own home, and that's taking a detox bath. All you need is some organic pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate of soda, warm water and a bathtub.

Bicarb Soda is one of those old-fashioned home remedies that actually does work. Probably used by your grandparents to soothe aches and pains it is now making a very welcome comeback. In this case, it's used to create an affordable detoxification bath. Safe to use it completely dissolves and gives the water a wonderful silky feel.

Simply dissolve half a cup of Bicarb Soda in the water and soak for 10-20 minutes. If possible do this twice a week. After doing this a couple of times you can also add Epsom Salt if you wish.

Bicarbonate of soda is a natural substance found in our bodies, the earth and the ocean. As it is alkaline it is a great way of balancing our pH levels and boosting the flow of oxygen to our cells. Added to your bath it will absorb heavy metals and other toxins leaving your body detoxed and your skin silky smooth.

Odourless, colourless and fragrance-free, it will also soothe skin conditions, relieve bites and burns and soothe aching limbs.

It's important to shower off after your bath and drink plenty of fresh water to rehydrate.

Doing this regularly to detox your body will immediately boost your immune system. You'll probably notice that you become less vulnerable to colds and flu and generally see an improvement in your health.

That's not all you'll notice. If you've been struggling to lose some weight before the festive season, this will help. Toxins affect our natural ability to burn fat. Detoxing will boost your metabolism and help you better control your weight. As high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are directly linked to weight issues, this is a great thing to do for your overall health.

If that's not enough to tempt you how about this? Detoxing can actually slow down premature ageing. That relaxing detox bath will get rid of the free radicals and heavy metals that contribute to responsible for ageing. It will also help your body absorb more nutrients to fight oxidative stress.

Isn't it time you added bicarbonate of soda to your shopping list?