Feeling Rundown? Your pH Levels Are Probably Out Of Whack!

Feeling Rundown? Your pH Levels Are Probably Out Of Whack!

How have you been feeling lately? Tired? Lethargic? Bloated? Are you feeling low and having problems sleeping? How about aches and pains, or lack of concentration? All of these could be signs that your body's pH levels are off.

pH - or potential of hydrogen - is what's used to measure the acidity of our cells. The ideal pH is around 7.0 to 7.5 but that's much harder to achieve than you may think these days. Sadly, in the western world, our lifestyles make it hard to maintain healthy pH levels. Stress, dehydration, pollution, lack of exercise and processed foods can all increase our body's acidity.

Acidity and Cancer

So what, you may ask. The more acidic your pH level, the more likely you are to suffer poor health and illness. It's a scientific fact that most diseases, including cancer, cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Knowing that you'd think we'd go out of our way to balance our pH, right?

Well, there are some easy steps you can take to get started. Testing your pH level is quite simple and you can do it yourself at home using Test Strips. These super sensitive indicators can be used to test saliva or urine and will give you results in just 15 seconds.

Eat Healthy

It's more than likely that your home test will show an acidic reading, so what do you do next? Firstly, you need to adjust your diet to reduce the amount of processed food you eat. Replace processed and packaged food with more fresh fruit and veggies, and increase your water consumption.

Did you know it is recommended that 80% of your diet should consist of fruit, non-starchy vegetables, nuts, beans, lean meat and whole grains? Acid-forming foods such as cookies, lollies, fast food and ready-made meals should not exceed 20%.

Take a Bath

Another way to restore that pH balance is to enjoy a long soak in the bath! Seriously, by adding Certified Organic and Aluminium-free Bicarb Soda to your tub, you can reduce the acidity and enjoy better health.

Another alternative is to try an Epsom Salt bath. Simply dissolve half a cup of Epsom Salts and half a cup of baking soda in warm water, jump in and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Whilst you de-stress and wind down, this magic mixture will be helping to alkalise your body. An added benefit here is that an Epsom Salt bath is fantastic for relieving aches and pains, too.

Drink Well

A great way of helping your entire family improve their health is to add a Zazen Alkaline Water System to your home. This amazing system not only filters out harmful bacteria and toxic heavy metals but also produces perfectly balanced and delicious alkaline mineral water.

It can also reduce fluoride by up to 90% and nourish the body with a balanced range of essential minerals and electrolytes.

These are just a few simple changes you can make immediately to balance your pH levels, improve your health and stay strong against disease.