Essential Oils for Health and Beauty

Essential Oils for Health and Beauty

Have you ever wondered where Essential Oils got their name? History suggests it's because the ancients considered them to contain the very essence of the source. And when you look at the extraction process, this makes perfect sense.

Essential oils are taken from many different plants and substances, and the extraction method varies accordingly. So, for example, clove oil is produced using steam distillation, whereas any citrus oil is 'expressed' from the rind.

Capturing The True Essence
One of the oldest forms of extraction, and probably the most expensive, is enfleurage. Using odourless fats to extract the essence, it was used for very delicate flowers, such as jasmine.

Regardless of the method used, what you are left with is the purest essence of the plant or fruit. And that is why 100% pure essential oils are not cheap.

One of the most expensive is Rose Essential Oil. This is because it takes 60,000 roses to create one ounce of rose oil, and the extraction method is complicated. However, the health benefits of this exquisitely scented oil are many.

Most Popular Essential Oils
Pure Rose Essential Oil can help with everything from skin problems to depression. It is antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic.

Another popular choice is Frankincense Essential Oil. This ancient oil, mentioned in the Bible, should be used sparingly. 
It is fantastic for stress relief, wound healing and anti-ageing, indigestion, and more. A study done in 2012 suggests that frankincense can also help kill cancer cells.

Great For Natural Beauty
One of the most commonly used aromatherapy products is Lavender Essential Oil. Wonderfully calming and soothing, it has many uses. Try it for stress, improved sleep, acne, blood circulation, and digestion. It is also a wonderful hair and skin tonic.

There are at least 90 different essential oils, and they all offer very specific benefits. Some can be mixed together, others can be blended with carrier oils. Always read the instructions or seek advice before using.

While many people use these oils for their health benefits, others choose them for their glorious scents. Who needs artificial, chemical-laden air-fresheners when you have essential oils?

Soothing And Healing
The healing properties of these oils are accessed in different ways. Some are applied to the skin, others inhaled or ingested. They can be used for compresses, in the bath or, mixed with carrier oil, for a soothing massage.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. And they are revered by many cultures for their amazing qualities. While some believe they originated in Egypt, but they can actually be traced back to ancient China and India.

What we know for sure is that these very precious essences really do work, so why not try them for yourself. If you're unsure what to choose, or how to use it, just ask.


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