Discover the Power of the Flower of Life

Discover the Power of the Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry

Something we're hearing a lot more about these days is Sacred Geometry. Whilst this might be new to some people it has actually been around for thousands of years and carries great meaning for many cultures.

One of the most famous examples of Sacred Geometry is the pyramid. If you're a fan of the Dan Brown novels - or the movie The Da Vinci Code - you'll have come across this before. The pyramid is considered particularly well suited to channelling energy - probably the most important element of Sacred Geometry.

Truth be told we are surrounded by examples of Sacred Geometry. It is used in architecture, the most famous example being the Great Pyramids themselves. It is also used in science, art, music, mathematics and more.

Religions around the world have their own sets of rules concerning the use of Sacred Geometry. It is used to determine how tall a temple should be built, or what shape the floor tiles should be in a church. It's all around us.

Flower of Life

Another very popular example of Sacred Geometry is the Flower of Life. It is found in all major religions throughout the world. The Flower of Life is composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower-like pattern and was traditionally used on temple floors.

The Temple of Osiris in Egypt houses the oldest known examples of the Flower of Life, believed to date back over 6,000 years. Leonardo da Vinci himself studied the Flower of Life and its mathematical qualities, and it is said to contain the secret to how the universe works.

It carries different meanings for different people. For some, it represents enlightenment and the underlying structure of all life. For others, it's a portal through to different dimensions and worlds.

For most modern followers, however, it is a powerful tool for meditation and healing. It is believed to bring harmony and can even protect us from dangerous electromagnetic radiation.

Combine the Power

Imagine if you could combine the Flower of Life and the pyramid. How powerful would that be? And how about throwing in some orgonite for increased protection against EMF radiation? Exactly that combination is now available.

Combining these important elements of Sacred Geometry with precious crystals and orgonite is one of the best things you can do to protect your home or workplace. It will harmonise your environment and strengthen your body's energy field.

By placing this in key positions around the home you should experience greater peace and harmony, improved sleep, less confrontation and a greater sense of wellbeing. Not only that, but the Orgonite Flower of Life Pyramid looks stunning, too.