Discover How Using Affirmations Could Change Your Life

Discover How Using Affirmations Could Change Your Life

You know that old saying, 'what goes around comes around'? Well, it's certainly true when it comes to using affirmations - in more ways than one! For starters, although many people see the use of affirmations as a 'new age' trend, the idea of using positive thought has been used throughout time.

This practice has 'come around' again in recent decades, as people try to adopt a more positive mindset in a world that is often confusing and negative. Those who dismiss it as 'new age' or 'feel good' or 'fluffy' could actually be missing out on something really good.

Scientific Proof

Affirmations are similar to mantras, although the latter are generally aligned with religion. In Buddhism, for example, mantras have been used for many thousands of years, during prayer and meditation. And those who dismiss their use may wish to consider this: there is also scientific proof that mantras or affirmations do work.

In science, we call it neuro-linguistic programming, a system founded in the 1970s, that proved success could be achieved by increasing positive thoughts and behaviours. This belief has been embraced by many, including celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Jim Carrey and Denzel Washington.

Often referred to as the Law of Attraction, the regular use of affirmations can attract love and wealth, improve health, boost creativity and more. Perhaps you want to bring more happiness into your home, or find the courage to fulfil your dreams; affirmations can help.

The Law of Attraction

The dictionary definition of 'affirm' is basically declaring something to be true. So it may seem strange that when we need money, for example, we use an affirmation that basically says, 'I am wealthy'. That's the Law of Attraction at work; say it often enough and it will become real.

When you regularly repeat an affirmation, you are telling yourself and the universe that you want that to be true. At this point, there are two schools of thought: some say that when you get what you asked for it's the universe - or a higher power - at work. Others say it has more to do with the way our brains work.

We all have a 'filter' in our brain called a Reticular Activating System or RAS; without it, we'd probably all go mad! Our brains are bombarded with information constantly, some consciously and some unconsciously. The RAS helps our brain sort through this information and keep what is important. It does this by recognising what is important to us, largely based on repetitive thoughts and actions.

Reprogram Your Subconscious

Let's go back to the 'wealth' affirmation; by repeating it over and over your brain recognises a pattern and knows this is important to you. Therefore it allows any related information to filter through. That's when you start noticing opportunities that could increase your wealth.

That's a very basic explanation, and wealth isn't necessarily the best example to choose, as there are more important things in life, but it gives you an idea. It's all about reprogramming the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind plays a crucial role in manifesting our dreams and goals. What we believe at a subconscious level can actually alter the outcome of events. You've probably experienced this yourself. Have you noticed that when you're having a 'bad week', everything seems to go wrong? Yet when you are feeling good and positive, all your plans fall into place.

Avoid Self-Sabotaging Actions

A negative state of mind can induce negative behaviours and self-sabotaging actions. We start to lose belief in ourselves and the world around us and it's all downhill from there. If something as simple as using affirmations could improve your life, why wouldn't you try it?

Many people write their affirmations down on sticky notes and leave them around the home or office. Alternatively, you can use affirmation banners to really get your message across. So decide what is important to you, and what you would like to attract into your life, and get started! These short powerful statements will give you the motivation and enthusiasm to help you achieve success, happiness and positivity in life.