Breathe More Easily - with a Himalayan Salt Pipe

Breathe More Easily - with a Himalayan Salt Pipe

If you've never come across salt pipes before, you're really missing out - especially if you, or someone in the family, has any sort of respiratory disorder. The chances are that you are already benefitting from adding Himalayan salt to your lifestyle in other ways, so why not give this a try.

The therapeutic qualities of ancient Himalayan salt are quite amazing, and cover a huge range of ailments and health issues. Use of the salt pipe - or inhaler - dates back to 1843 when Polish doctor, Felix Bochkowski discovered that salt miners didn't suffer from breathing problems or respiratory diseases.

Well Researched

The theory has been well researched and developed over the years, and Himalayan Salt Pipes are now readily available. And it's a whole lot easier than sitting in a salt cave all day!

The way in which the salt pipe works is very simple. The air that you breathe in passes over the surface of the Himalayan salt, and the natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles. This safely delivers a hit of amazing natural minerals to your lungs.

This practice can bring great relief to those suffering from respiratory disorders, such as asthma, congestion, sinus problems, allergies, hay fever, smoker's cough, bronchitis, the common cold, and even COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Flush Out Toxins

However, it doesn't stop there. It can also be used to aid digestion, flush out toxins, and boost your energy levels. It really is quite miraculous!

Some people use their Himalayan salt pipe every day, for around 15 minutes, swearing that it can reduce inflammation, and kill the bacteria and other micro-organisms that cause us problems.

It's so simple to use. When you first get your salt pipe, give it a good rinse out with warm water, to remove any dust or debris. It should be completely dry before you use it.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

You'll find a fill hole at the bottom of the pipe. Remove the plug and add the required amount of Himalayan salt. This may vary according to pipe size, so read the instructions on the packaging. Replace the plug.

Place your lips around the inhaler and breathe - in through the mouth, out through the nose. It's that easy! After doing this daily for a few days, you'll really feel the difference. Your lungs will become cleaner, boosting oxygen absorption and strengthening your immune system.

As a natural product, with no batteries or electricity needed, there are no known side effects from using a salt pipe - as opposed to many man-made drugs. So, if you are looking for a natural way to treat an ailment, or simply improve your overall health, it's time to give it a try.