New Australian Electrical Standards for Salt Lamps!

Due to new electrical regulations, Salt Lamps being sold in Australia are required to have an Australian Power Cord not exceeding 24volts.All of our new Luvin Life Salt Lamps are now certified to match these Australian electrical safety standards. The new packaging includes a Himalayan Salt Lamp, a new Australian standard low voltage power cord and new low voltage 12W bulbs.

It is important to note that the old 220-240V power cords will not work with the new low voltage bulbs - and the new 12V cords will not work with the old bulbs - the bulbs will explode!

Please ensure that you and your customers are aware of this - and that they buy the correct bulbs and cords for their salt lamps. If they are unsure, the cords come with their model number on the tag attached, this way they are able to find the correct bulb to match!

The 220-240V power cords and 10W bulbs are still available for purchase from Luvin’ Life, but are recommended for Selenite lamps and other uses.