Make the Switch to Eco-Products to Protect Your Lungs

Make the Switch to Eco-Products to Protect Your Lungs

If ever there was a good reason NOT to clean your house, it’s this: according to a new study, this mundane chore that we all do can be equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes a day!

Scientists at a Norwegian university followed a group of 6000 people, including normal homeowners and professional cleaners, for 20 years. I know, right! During this time, they measured the participants’ breathing capacity and found accelerated lung function decline in women who regularly cleaned. That was equivalent to smoking 20 ciggies a day.

This terrifying result was mostly due to the type of cleaning products used and inadequate ventilation. We’re talking about things like bleach and ammonia. Yep, when you stick your head in the shower cubicle to spray that mould killer, you’re causing serious grief to your lungs.

But that’s not all; products with high levels of synthetic fragrance can have the same effect. That includes products like air-freshener, laundry detergent, carpet cleaner and more. So, whilst your bathroom may smell delightful, you could be heading for serious respiratory problems in the future.

But before you make a vow never to clean house again, there is a solution, and that’s to make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. Once too expensive for many people, there are now safe, affordable alternatives that really work.


Give those highly scented toxic laundry powders a miss and try the O2-Ion Wash Ball instead. This amazing product washes your clothes beautifully, without detergent. There are no synthetic perfumes or chemical residues to worry about, as the ball uses a mix of minerals, magnets and ceramics to do the very same job.

It even neutralises chlorine to protect against oxidation and fabric fading. Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and chemical free, it’s the smart way to do your laundry.


Give synthetic fragrances the boot and dispel those nasty odours with a natural alternative. Made using 100% pure essential oils and water, natural air freshener is kind on your nose and your lungs!

Mould Spray: Yes, you can still get rid of that unsightly mould in your shower without using bleach. Our Eco Home Mould Spray uses Oil of Clove and Sweet Orange to get the job done. For stubborn mould simply give the area a gentle scrub with Bicarb Cleaning Paste. You can also use this paste to clean your sinks and surfaces, including stainless steel.


Get your floors sparkling clean naturally with this awesome Lemon Myrtle-scented floor cleaner. With no nasty chemicals, and naturally antibacterial, it can be safely used on all types of floors. This product will particularly appeal to parents with crawling toddlers!


Care for your timber furniture and your health with this deliciously scented furniture polish. Made from Carnauba wax, Canola Oil and Lemon Myrtle, Our Eco Home Timber Polish is best applied with a dry microfibre cloth.