Light Up Your Life Safely With Himalayan Salt Lamps

Light Up Your Life Safely With Himalayan Salt Lamps

Did you know that you can pay up to $800 or more for a commercial air purifier? Or you can buy a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp for a fraction of the price and enjoy pure air naturally. It's a no-brainer really!

Salt lamps are Nature's own air purifier and humidifier, hewn from salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayas. They are not only beautiful, and useful as a lamp, but they offer amazing health benefits, too.

Adding to their charm is the fact that no two salt lamps are alike. As a natural product, the size, shape, colour and markings all vary from lamp to lamp. Colours range from light orange to dark red, creating a wonderfully welcoming glow to your home.

Neutralise Those Positive Ions

The way in which salt lamps work is quite magical. By attracting and evaporating moisture from the air, they create and release negatively charged ions. Those are the good ones - the ones that negate the harmful positively charged ions, caused by electrical appliances, computers, TVs, mobile phones, et cetera.

You can't see them, but are homes and offices are saturated with positively charged ions. Research shows that positive ions can cause many harmful effects on our bodies, including fatigue, reduced immunity, headaches, nervous system disorders, and premature ageing.

Some health professionals believe the electrical imbalance caused by positive ions can even cause cancer, and other life-threatening diseases.

Improve Your Family's Health

It doesn't stop there. Himalayan salt lamps will also reduce the airborne bacteria, mould and viruses that cause allergies and asthma, boosting the whole family's health and wellbeing.

So easy, right? But there are a few things you need to know when placing Himalayan salt lamps around your home or business.

The lamps are very simple. They generally consist of the hollowed out block of salt, on a marble or wood base. You can also buy lamps that have been crafted into spheres, pyramids, hearts, angels, and animal shapes.

Your purchase also includes a power lead and light fitting, that is Australian Electrical Safety Standard Compliant.

Using Your Salt Lamp Correctly

It is important to follow the instructions that come with your lamp, with regards to placing the light fitting and supplied bulb inside. Once the lamp is put together, you can safely turn on the power.

We recommend that you leave your lamp switched on at all times, to enjoy the full health benefits of Himalayan rock salt. If you turn it off for too long, you will notice that moisture will form on and around your lamp.

And because it attracts moisture from the air, your salt lamp is not suitable for outdoors, or rooms with excess humidity, like a bathroom.

If you are not going to use your lamp for a while, it's best to remove the light fitting, let the lamp dry out, and then wrap it in a plastic bag for storage.

Remember, Himalayan salt is millions of years old, so it is very durable. With the correct care and use, your stunning new lamp should last for ages.

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