Is Life Giving You A Headache? These natural remedies could help

Is Life Giving You A Headache? These natural remedies could help

Headaches are probably the most common ailment that people suffer; they can hit anyone at any time for any number of reasons. So, should you reach for the aspirin every time or should you try a more natural remedy?

Your answer to that question largely depends on what type of headache you are suffering. A headache is usually a symptom of something else, such as a cold or fever, lack of sleep, a blow to the head, serious illness or even just over-indulgence. The most common headache is a tension headache, with 80-90% of the population suffering at least one at some point in their lives.

Headaches can also be a stand-alone illness caused by problems with pain-sensitive structures in the head and neck, such as muscles and nerves.

Here are some of the most common causes of headaches, with a natural remedy suggestion to help.


A migraine is a severe headache resulting from changes in the brain. It can be caused by many factors including high temperatures or humidity, light, weather changes, not eating or eating the ‘wrong’ foods for your body, such as chocolate or foods with monosodium glutamate. It can also be caused by nervous or neurological disorders, some medications and sensory stimuli such as cigarettes or paint.

Natural Remedy: Applying and/or inhaling Pure Lavender Oil. Try gently massaging this essential oil into your temples and forehead, paying particular attention to the acupressure point between your eyebrows, above the bridge of your nose. Press down on this spot firmly for a minute or two and then release. Repeat several times for relief not only from headaches, but also blocked sinuses.


Magnesium deficiency can cause a whole long list of problems, including headaches. You may also experience muscle twitches and cramps, fatigue, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat.

Natural Remedy: Magnesium deficiency generally occurs because our modern diet can be sadly lacking in this essential mineral. Luckily there are several ways of treating the problem naturally. You can take a magnesium supplement, of course, but the fastest way to increase your magnesium levels is transdermal or through the skin.

This can be done by soaking in a warm bath containing 1-3 cups of Magnesium Flakes for 30 minutes. Whilst you relax all that essential goodness will seep through your skin, not only curing your headache but also improving your sleep, relaxing the nervous system, relieving sore muscles and boosting your immune system.

Alternatively, you can apply Transdermal Magnesium Oil.


If you’re feeling lethargic and suffering from regular headaches it could be caused by having too many toxins in your system. Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is near-impossible to avoid exposure to toxins, but you can reduce the levels by eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of pure alkaline water. It also pays to regularly detox your body in some way. This can be done by enjoying a sauna but, if you’re short on time, try Detox Foot Patches. These amazing little patches are so easy to use; just apply one to the bottom of each foot before bed and remove in the morning.


Colds, flu and other viruses are a very common cause of headaches. Despite the huge array of so-called cold cures on the market, all you can really do is let is pass whilst supporting your body with plenty of rest, fluids and healthy food. Supplements such as garlic, ginger and echinacea can really help, too.

Essential oils are also very effective in treating the different symptoms of colds and flu. For example, Camphor Oil or Eucalyptus Oil can be added to a vaporiser to clear your respiratory system whilst Peppermint Oil can reduce your fever. Clove Oil is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial, whilst Rosemary Oil can relieve your headache.