Improve Your Mental and Physical Health with Lapis Lazuli

Improve Your Mental and Physical Health with Lapis Lazuli

It's no wonder Lapis lazuli is one of the most popular semi-precious stones. Since time began it has been highly prized for its intense blue colour and strong healing powers.

First mined around 7000 BC, it has been found in Neolithic burial sites in Mehrgarh, the Caucasus, Afghanistan and Mauritania. It was even used in Tutankhamun's funeral mask.

Over time Lapis lazuli has been made into jewellery, vases, statues, mosaics, boxes and more. It was also ground into a pigment to use in oil paint during the Renaissance.

Healing Qualities

Whilst still popular in jewellery, Lapis lazuli is now most likely to be bought for its healing qualities. A symbol of wisdom and truth, the stone can be used to relieve anxiety, improve memory, boost creativity and increase intellectual thought.

Lapis lazuli is a balancing stone. It can ward off negative energy and bring harmony to relationships. It is also believed to help cure many physical ailments, particularly those affecting the ears, nose and throat.

It can boost your circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve skin conditions and headaches, improve sleep and help with nerve and brain disorders, such as Asperger's and ADD. It really is one of those stones you have to have!

Third Eye and Throat Chakras

As one of the oldest spiritual stones known to mankind, it's no surprise that Lapis lazuli is a Chakra healing stone. It is best used with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras to improve perception and communication. It will also re-energise your whole body.

Used throughout time by healers, priests and royalty, this dazzling blue gem is said to block psychic attacks.

There are several ways to benefit from the healing qualities of Lapis lazuli. You'll find it in rings, bracelets and necklaces, with the latter probably the most powerful. That's because of the stone's healing relationship with the Throat Chakra.

Using Lapis Around The Home

However, it is equally beneficial to place Lapis lazuli around the home. And, as we have already seen throughout history, it makes a very eye-catching display.

Lapis is often included in crystal pyramids and spheres. The combination of these stones with the power of the pyramid is phenomenal. The pyramid can actually amplify the power of the Lapis, bringing great protection to your home.

The effect is even better when Lapis is used with orgonite. Orgonite offers great protection against Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and strengthens the body's energy field. Imagine how powerful it is when combined with the blue brilliance of Lapis.